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- Tuberose trilogy -

The Tuberose flower symbolizes desire and forbidden pleasures.
Tuberose was discovered in Mexico thousands of years ago. Today tuberose is cultivated in South India and used to worship the Gods, for ceremonies and perfumes.
It is a high bulb plant capped by a cluster of corolla flowers. Tuberose only blooms once per year and its cultivation re¬quires infinite care.
Tuberose’s fragrance is considered the most powerful of in the floral kingdom. It emits a sweet, heavy and heady perfume, which deepens after twilight.
Tuberose initially emits a fresh green fragrance followed by a narcotic, wild, bewitching scent bewitching.
Insufflate carnalpassions, its hot and creamy fragrance encourage to voluptuousness.
In the world of perfumery, Tuberose is one of the noblest flowers and it bewitches or frightens the perfumer.
Its sweet, sugar-like and crystallized smell adds with its imperious fragrance inspires unforgettable and heady perfumes…

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floral, powdered; masc. fém.
Top Note: Tuberose, Bergamot, Saffron
Heart Note: Tuberose, Iris, Ylang ylang
Base Note: Tuberose, Suede, Cocoa

Miss Tuberose is a Super Diva! Stubborn, demanding, temperamental…Yes, she deserves it all! Natural yet sophisticated, she balances between modesty and pride! She delivers her powdered and adorned hypnotic iris and saffron.

Originality: Tuberose surrounded by saffron and ylang-ylang On the base notes soft leather and cocoa create a sweet and spicy harmony. A round, smooth, spicy and powdery perfume.
Moods: mysterious and addictive.

• 120 ml. / 4 fl. oz - 155 euros
• 60 ml. / 2 fl. oz - 95 euros

floral oriental; masc. fem.
Top Note: Tuberose, Tangerine, Cherry
Heart Note: Tuberose, Jasmine, Tiara, Frangipani
Base Note: Tuberose, Patchouli, Blond Woods, Vanilla

« Mistress of the night » During the Renaissance it was absolutely forbidden for young ladies to walk into the gardens for one reason: the amazing, erotic power of tuberose

Originality: Mandarin orange and cherry add a fruity and sparkling side to this tuberose. A tuberose which is mostly smooth and sensual with its floral heart of frangipani, tiara flower and jasmine. Sweet but carnal,this tuberose is deepened by patchouli and blond woods.
Moods: True perfume of skin, with a surrounded, sweet and carnal trail.

• 120 ml. / 4 fl. oz - 155 euros
• 60 ml. / 2 fl. oz - 95 euros

leather oriental ; fem. & masc.
Top Note: Tuberose, Neroli, Kumquat
Heart Note: Tuberose, Aromatics, Prune
Base Note: Tuberose, Blond Woods, Immortelle

The mystical flower of the rituals and magic! The tuberose always provokes! More than a poison her nectar of honey is a real invitation to seduction! How not to feel bewitched when you face this mixture of blond Tobacco and Immortelle!

Originality: Plum, herbs and dry grass bring a singular, unique and strong smell. Blond tobacco and immortelle flower surround tuberose in a captivating note.
Moods: bewitching, charming.

• 120 ml. / 4 fl. oz - 155 euros
• 60 ml. / 2 fl. oz - 95 euros