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Perfume Ateliers

Perfume Ateliers

Introduction to the world of fragrance

From raw materials to ingredients, from notes and facets to accords, from composition to the olfactory pyramid, there is a whole language devoted to perfumery.  Let us shed light on the mysterious world of fragrance in one of our Perfume Ateliers.   

The Perfume Ateliers will be held in our Parisian Maison, located at 11 Rue du Roi Doré in the Marais district, a neighborhood bursting with energy, just like the founder of Histoires de Parfums, Gérald Ghislain.   Here you will learn the secrets of fine fragrance as well as the art of composing a scent

Indulge yourself in a workshop in which we will share our passion for the art of perfumery and our “savoir-faire”.


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