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Poems - Collection

The three Golds are symbols of eternity, wisdom and love.

All shades of gold related through poems...

In a Rare Edition, Gérald Ghislain uses poems to tell the story of the 3 Golds in Absolu Eau de Parfums.
This fragrant expression is a tribute to the most beautiful verse of the Occident and the most beautiful prose of the Orient. More than just material wealth, each of the yellow, white and rose golds embraces its own particular success, personal, witty and romantic.
Eternal yellow gold represents what we make of our life and leave as our legacy. Then there is white gold with silver symbolizing wisdom, the soul’s s greatest gift. And what would be life without Love? In a marriage between gold and copper, True Love flourishes, blushes and binds together the souls in love.

Three beloved, scented poems that touch the heart of gold’s mysterious and sensual nature make up a secret collection with life’s treasures unveiled.

Fidelis, pink gold
spicy wood - unisex
Absolu Eau de parfum
Veni, yellow gold
musk floral - unisex
Absolu Eau de parfum
Rosam, white gold
oud vegetal - unisex
Absolu Eau de parfum
woody ozonic - unisex
Absolu Eau de parfum
Spicy fougere - unisex
Absolu Eau de parfum
oud animal - unisex
Absolu Eau de parfum
oud mineral - unisex
Absolu Eau de parfum


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