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직접 만나기 어렵기 때문에, Histoires de Parfums 은 당신과 함께 하나의 비디오 컨퍼런스 워크샵을 진행합니다.

Alone or with your family, from the comfort of your own home, enjoy an olfactory journey and discover the most emblematic raw materials in the history of perfumery. You will learn Cleopatra’s secret love potion, the secret of Louis XIV’s mistresses, the poisons used by spies during the Cold War but most of all, you will smell the materials composing all of your favourite perfumes... Amber, musk, iris, oud and rose are just one click away.

1 - Order our Discovery of Raw Materials Set. It includes all the tools you'll need to experience our Workshop through a videoconference with our expert.
2 - Upon receiving your Workshop Set, you will be invited to book a videoconferencing session with Alexandre our perfume expert at your preferred date, via Skype for instance or any other means that would suit you best. Workshop duration: around 90 min.
In English or in French

Alexandre: alexandre@histoiresdeparfums.com

This Workshop Set includes
Around 30 blotters, 1 blotter-holder, 1 pencil and 1 workbook

25 Histoires de Parfums Raw Materials bottles,
Caution - Flammable. To be used as part of the workshop, only on blotters. Do not put on the skin. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

Petitgrain Essential Oil - Neroli Essential Oil - Bitter Orange Essential Oil - Orange - Blossom Absolute - Lavender Essential Oil - Jasmin Absolute - Tuberose Absolute - Iris Absolute - Rose Essential Oil - Rose Absolute - Sandalwood Essential Oil - Patchouli Essential Oil - Cardamom Essential Oil - Tonka bean Absolute - Coumarine - Hydroxycitronellal - Alpha Ionone - Aldehyde C12 - Calone - Allyl - Caproate - Iso E Super - Galaxolide - Ambroxan - Oud synthetic - Oud natural

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