Workshop Discovery of Raw Materials

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What was Cleopatra’s secret to seduce her lover? What flower spies used as a poison during the war? What is all the fuss about oud and ambergris? So many questions and more which are all answered during Histoires de Parfums’ Atelier: Discovery of Raw Materials.

True to its legacy of bringing you closer to the history of legendary individuals, through this Atelier offers you a unique look at some of perfumery’s most iconic figures. An exclusive and intimate experience to share with your friends of your loved one to unearth the untold stories of ingredients and learn about their vice and virtues…

Follow our trained guides as they will walk you through a vast array of essential oils and molecules and indulge in smelling some of the rarest and most expensive raw materials on Earth. Learn the secrets of fine fragrance as well as the art of composing a scent Indulge yourself in a workshop in which we will share our passion for the art of perfumery and our “savoir-faire”.

Location of the Workshop :
Histoires de Parfums
11 rue du roi doré, 75003 Paris
Ph: +33 (0) 1 83 16 50 13

Privileged moment of exchange in a small class with 4 people, 90 minutes to laugh and learn; to become the perfume(d) expert of your next parties.
In English or in French.

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