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Bath line on demand

Our fragrances now available in freshly-made bath products including shower gel and body lotion.

A new personalized product line of body lotions and shower gels to complement your preferred Histoires de Parfums fragrance.
Through an exclusive technological process, these products will be created on site and available on demand, offering you a customized care.

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Our Workshops

Whether in the soothing surroundings of our Maison Parisienne or from the comfort of your own home, take part in our Workshops and enter the secret world of perfumery…

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One on one

Gérald Ghislain

When he is creating his perfumes, Gérald interprets in a new way the classic olfactive families by including an unexpected component, to obtain an original and surprising collection.
Our perfumes have a long trail, deep tempered, dense notes and are extremely sensual.



Away, together in Calabria

Jul 15, 2021 Histoires de Parfums

For this new series, Histoires de Parfums has chosen to reproduce the fictional letters of real lovers. Over the course of these lines, we read of landscapes where history and perfume are never too far apart...

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Music, perfume & synaesthesia...

Jun 14, 2021 Histoires de Parfums

Many of you will no doubt have noticed that the olfactory lexicon borrows a lot from that of music - we speak readily of accords, of notes, of mute flowers, and often we expand on the range of colours - visual or harmonic - that a material can display.

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A little taste of summer

Jun 14, 2021 Histoires de Parfums

Ah, here comes summer. Here comes the call of Parisian terraces, of escapades in the provinces, of Atlantic journeys, of week's end retreats in Brittany, of concerts in Provence, of Parisian heat waves, of theatres in Avignon. Ah, here comes summer just around the corner!

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Chocolate and Marie-Antoinette

Apr 05, 2021 Histoires de Parfums

"At seven o'clock, Sanson comes in. (...) The Queen lunches of a cup of chocolate brought in from the neighbouring café and one of those sweet rolls called mignonnettes. (...) then the Queen of France went up to the scaffold and rushed to her death."

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