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Create the perfume of your dreams!

Would you like to compose a perfume that suits you, to assemble notes and accords that will bring back your deepest olfactory memories, or to be surprised by your imagination and creativity?

Workshop perfume making

Sale price250.00 €

Throughout a two-hour experience, you will be guided by our expert in the creation of your own, personal formula.
Workshop perfume making
Workshop perfume making Sale price250.00 €

Customer Reviews

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Aussi précis que chaleureux

Histoires de Parfums semble être une référence internationale. Me voici avec deux avis de Parisiennes, après une session en tandem.
Si j’en crois la Deuxième-Parisienne qui commence à les enchaîner, cet atelier est le meilleur de Paris.

Les accords mis à disposition sont de qualité. Une fois que vous avez repéré ce qui vous plaît (petite promenade dans les jolies senteurs), le système de gouttes proposé et les 5 essais disponibles vous permettront de créer facilement un mélange équilibré dans un temps limité. Et si vous tournez encore autour de votre idéal, peut-être vous fera-t-on ajouter une larme de matières premières pures, et la magie fera effet...

Sam (à l’expertise et à la narration) est un amour et vous guidera à travers la composition pour obtenir exactement ce que vous cherchez. Elle sourira de bon coeur devant votre « moment eurêka ». Stan (au DJ-ing discret et aux petits soins) vous fera sentir comme chez vous et ce même caché derrière son bureau.

Deux jours après, je suis transportée par mon parfum que j’ai vraiment choisi, allez-y donc les yeux fermés et le cœur ouvert : Sam vous garantit qu’il n’y a jamais de redite.

Wonderful experience..

My wife and I visit Histoires every time we come to Paris and we always look forward to it. Of course the fragrances are so beautiful and we seem to discover a new favourite with each trip but the perfume making workshop was even more fun than I had expected. Having always wished I could simply play at making my own fragrance but never considering it to be a possibility it was like a dream come true. Sam was a wonderful host and guide as she both encouraged us to express ourselves and lent us her knowledge and experience to aid us in creating something that truly felt our own. Sam is so generous with her time and her passion that one cannot fail to be enthralled by the journey of discovery. If you enjoy the perfume of Histoires de Parfums (or even have a passing interest) then I can’t recommend it enough. My wife and I had such a wonderful time and are very grateful to Sam and for the whole experience. Merci beaucoup Sam.

Abdullah AlAhmad
Wonderful Workshop

This is absolutely the best perfume workshop i had.
Sam was very helpful with her knowledge sharing.
If you are in Paris you must visit Histoires de Parfums and enjoy the workshop experience.

Everhard Vandervliet
How cool is this...

Being familiar with the qaulity and originality of the brand, I didn't hesitate when I read in the newsletter that you can make your own perfume in their Paris shop. This was the first activity I planned for our stay in Paris and we haven't regretted! First Sam gave us an interesting inside of the world of perfume making and this playfully evolved in designing our own, faithfully representing our personalities, as my wife noticed. I you are a perfume addict, as we are, this is a very fine opportunity to step into the world of perfume making.

Incredible experience

Histoires de Parfums has sophisticated french know-how in providing an incredible and insightful experience. The workshop allows you to fully immerse in the craft and create something truly special.

I had the pleasure of working with Sam, who elevated the entire workshop - and guided the process eloquently.

This is a must-do! - a beautiful souvenir of Paris.

Audacious, disruptive, generous, hyper-creative, and... Parisian!

Such are the fragrances envisioned by Gérald Ghislain, a loquacious individual with a luxuriant imagination who has chosen to bring his stories to life through perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium.