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En Aparté

Novels - Collection

[a p a R t e] loc. adv. Littér.
[ETYM. From Latin a: pars, partis: «apart, aside»].
|| Discreet conversation, in private

Like a conversation, perfume is an expression, conveyed at times in the form of a declaration and at other times a secret. There is that which can be said aloud and clearly, and that which can only be expressed in private, with the utmost discretion. Such an intention is featured in the En Aparté collection. A space offering complete freedom to elicit without compromise while coveting secrets and privacy as well. Irrévérent, Outrecuidant, Prolixe, three compositions unveiled behind closed doors at Histoires de Parfums.

oriental spicy - for her & for him
Eau de parfum
oriental - for her & for him
Eau de parfum
woody oriental - for her & for him
Eau de parfum

We hope you and your loved ones are safe as we navigate through
these extraordinary circumstances together.

Now is a time to meditate, to read, to pause, to love, to perfume and to care.

We will keep on creating for you.

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