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Le Moulin de Rosa

Gérald Ghislain

Posted on May 24 2018

Le Moulin de Rosa - Histoires de Parfums

As soon as you open the door to le Moulin de Rosa, you enter into the spirit of the French bakery. The brightly colored windows, the variety of breads, and the warm and smiling greetings are eager to help you discover all the treasures of Parisian pastries. 

Le Moulin de Rosa - Histoires de Parfums

At le Moulin de Rosa, everything is made in-house. The bread is made with natural leaven, which gives every bread, from the baguettes to the country breads such as Gault or de Traverse, that crackly crust and hazelnut hinted inside.

Sweet breads are made only with AOC butter. Here, you are able to taste all the classics: mille feuilles, Paris Brest, tarts, almond croissants, macarons, etc. But if you must settle for one, we advise you to try the house special, Pondichery.


Le Moulin de Rosa - Histoires de Parfums

Le Moulin de Rosa - Histoires de Parfums

Le Moulin de Rosa - Histoires de Parfums

Le Moulin de Rosa - Histoires de Parfums 



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