Olibanum, perfume made simple, conscious and committed.

If you don't know it yet, Gérald Ghislain, our intrepid founder, has launched a new project called Olibanum. This new adventure, that of a simple, conscious and committed perfumery, was born from his observation that the niche perfumery, bogged down in convoluted storytelling, has moved away from itself and from what made its original specificity - perfume.


from the Latin name of the incense resin which is at the origin of perfume - since, let's remember, it is from the fumigation of this resin that the word perfumum, "by smoke", was born - is a collection of eighteen perfumes which combine Olibanum with another leading material of perfumery, such as Ambrette, Opoponax, Iris or Saffron.


Created by renowned perfumers, these simple-to-smell and even simpler-to-get creations are far from simplistic, retaining the rich patina that characterises Gérald Ghislain's imagination while combining the mystical and mineral signature of humanity's most emblematic resin.

Because they have been formulated with the same olfactory structure, they are also intended to be worn together. Olibanum thus revives the playful art of layering, the traditional Middle Eastern practice of superimposing several perfumes to create a unique and personal sillage that can be changed at will, depending on whether it is cool or warm outside, whether you are wearing a dress or a bombers jacket, whether you are in a seductive, ravaging or serenely introspective mood.

Olibanum goes further in its invention of a perfumery that is in tune with the contemporary issues of our society. Simple, it is also reasonable - our formulas are minimalist, not so much as a stylistic effect as a necessity, in order to reduce the use of natural resources, some of which are limited and others endangered. It is with this in mind that our fragrances do not ban synthetic molecules, except that those we use are fully biodegradable and designed with respect for the environment.

Our perfumes are also conscious, right down to their bottles. Made with 40% less glass, they save energy in their manufacturing and, being lighter, they also save some in their shipping. Thanks to our screw “mist” pumps, they are also entirely recyclable - spraying them is now both sensual and ecological. We are also conscious when it comes to our boxes, which are made of recycled, recyclable and untreated cardboard, using natural glues and inks and we have also opted for a safety ring to avoid using cellophane wrap.

Finally, Olibanum is a committed brand, as we support NGOs throughout the world in their efforts to guarantee financial independence to certain communities. To that aim, we have donated a milk steriliser to one of the Samburu tribes so that they can supply milk from their herds to an elephant calf orphanage. We are already in contact with other NGOs to aid their humanitarian commitments.

But don't worry - Olibanum may have just been born, but Histoires de Parfums is not about to stop, as we are already concocting beautiful new fragrances, true to our credo of taking you on a journey of scents through the works of mythical authors, poets and composers and the use of the most beautiful materials in perfumery.

And if, in the meantime, you are tempted by Olibanum, come and discover it in our ephemeral boutique at 11, rue Debelleyme in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. We will be there until September 30th and you will be able to smell the whole collection as well as participate in thematic workshops and leave, who knows, with a piece of incense.

Till then, one thing is certain – future is in the perfume.



Buenas noches!Me gustaria saber si se puede pedir el perfume online para Bulgaria?!Un saludo:)
Albena Dineva November 21, 2022
Good day.

Will this collection be available online?

Aleksandre October 13, 2022

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