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Restaurant to be: Terra

Gérald Ghislain

Posted on June 06 2019

Restaurant to be: Terra - Histoires de Parfums


Old leather warehouse, industrial and earthy atmosphere, two prestigious chefs, dishes to share, carnivore and vegetarian friendly, and all in a warm and convivial atmosphere: welcome to Terra! 

On the menu are some innovative dishes:

As appetizers: razor shell clams with parsley, lemon and kasha; soft-boiled eggs, morels with a madeira emulsion or even sea brim tartare, lemon caviar, jalapeno avocados and flying fish eggs.

As main courses: pea ravioli, smoked ricotta and mint, slow cooked lamb shoulder, sand-grown carrots and squash with wine juice.

The wine list is varied but the Terra team can help you chose the wine that best accompanies your meal. To top it all off, the wood fire grill allows for the restaurant to sear any meat or fish before serving. Truly a perfect dinner spot if you're looking for a sophisticated yet convivial ambiance.


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